Grade - 7 MLC

Amaan Alika

What should I say? I am just curious about many odd things. I am passionate about cooking, acting, gardening, and making things. I come up with creative solutions for solving problems that I face every day.

Arav Paladiya

Hello, I am Arav! I am passionate about coding, maths, & physics! My area of expertise are Maths, Physics, and Coding as well. One of my achievements has been making an attendance marking system for the teachers of my school using a QR code program. I did this with 3 other peers and spent 1-2 months doing the same. If I have to describe myself, I would say I am a coding enthusiast who likes astrophysics as well!

Arham Bothra

I am an explorer and a researcher who tries to look at things with a creative and critical eye. My areas of interest range from politics to cooking. Playing frisbee is something that I’m really passionate about as well. Recently, I’m collaborating with another MLC student to organise a quiz competition.

Arya Bhingradia

I don’t go crazy, I am crazy. I just go normal from time to time. I love Dancing, Cooking, Baking, Painting, Drawing, Reading, and Writing. I have received awards for dance, painting, and literature. To share my passion for baking, I even lead baking workshops.

Dax Patel

I am Dax and I like to explore new things and keep learning through doing. I am a fitness enthusiast and keep working on it. I like different forms of art and origami is one of my favorites. I recently organized a Visual Arts event for participants to come and showcase different kinds of visual arts through painting, drawing, photography, etc.

Dishika Rathod

I am Dishika! I love to explore all the things that interest me – photography, cooking, drawing, reading, writing, and even playing Guitar! I am also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and I also love to facilitate workshops for kids.

Hirva Patel

My name is Hirva Patel and I am 13 years old. I am passionate about dancing, sketching, drawing, cooking, and helping animals. My dream is to open an NGO for animal care.

Hitarth Diwan

Hey there! I am Hitarth! I’m passionate about Math, Science, and Coding. I’ve learned Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ProcessingJS, Google Script, and SQLite and have implemented all of them at difference places! I’m currently doing an internship in the school, where I’m learning Robotics, AI, Drone Interfacing & Operating, 3D Printing, Makers Projects, etc. with the Science and Tech teachers. I’m also having an internship in the school software team! I’ve created several games and tools using Python and Tkinter (one of them being the Snake Game)! I have worked on a lot of things and am also conducting several projects regarding various stuff. Check out my blog to get all the details! Click the button below 🙂

Jiana Shah

Doing things normally is just not me. Oh, did I tell you? All things ‘black and white’ suits me I feel. In fact, the poetry book that I’m going to publish has a monochromatic cover as well.  Sometimes I feel that ‘What if the world was only made up of Language and Arts ?’. To be honest, it is, but I am also interested in science. Recently, I’ve also developed a newfound love for psychology and have been taking up various courses related to that. 

Kayaan Desai

Hey, there I am Kayaan Desai and welcome to my blog. I am a guy who is passionate about a lot of things. You must be thinking Passionate about what? So I am most passionate about sports. In sports, I like tennis and cricket the most. But wait I also like photography and cooking so without further ado read my blog. 

Kevya Mangukia

Hello! I am Kevya. I sketch, cook, bake, and wonder about stars & satellites. And I love animals! I thrive on challenging myself and I’m always looking for opportunities to be better.

Nishtha Sarda

Nishtha is all about arts as it seems from everything she has done and is doing right now. She has also organized cooking workshops and taken up guest speaker sessions about what she does. Singing and dancing are like her forever companions and she excels when she does them. Oh! and she thinks that as a person she is sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

Paree Jain

I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I’m not comfortable with settling, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

Preyasi Desai

Hello, I am Preyasi! I am passionate about doodling, climate activism, and sustainability. I have conducted workshops on the environment, designed products from single-use plastics, and I sell doodling products. I am also working with the Ervis foundation and Global Shaper Community.

Tanvi Pagaria

Hello there I am Tanvi. I am very passionate about astronomy, Drawing, cooking and Arts. I am very creative when it come to to my passion and presenting it in various different ways. I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account for creative arts, don’t forget to subscribe it !

Uttam Jain

Hello Everyone! I am Uttam Jain. I am passionate about swimming, dance, coding, basketball, gaming and cricket. I want to lead and hence, we also planned a cricket tournament but due to Covid, it’s on hold. I am also going to organise coding games for students. See ya.

Grade - 8 MLC

Aarav Bhansali

Hello Everyone ! I am a person who loves creativity and is always eager to explore new ideas. I Like Origami, Art, chess, chess, architecture. I like to explore innovative ideas to save our planet earth.

Ananya Jain

Hello, I am Ananya a.k.a Animal Lover Ananya. My life as it seems wouldn’t be complete without animals and their presence plays a crucial role in my life. I started my journey by taking care of my street’s dogs and today I feed around 100-120 dogs on a weekly basis. I take care of their well-being as well. I have achieved multiple collaborations, joined various groups, did a couple of events, and continue to do so. I am also an avid guitar player and like to use social media for awareness and creating opportunities for myself. If I have to describe myself then I’d say I am ambitious and driven, and I like to constantly keep challenging myself with new goals and opportunities.

Arnee Parmar

I am Arnee a.k.a Table-Tennis Champ! I have been a passionate TT player for a long time and I am practicing for a national tournament as we speak. I recently won 3rd place in a Gujarat-state level TT competition. Apart from TT, I like to dabble with technology and design to create new things for myself and others.

Arya Shah

I am Arya and football is my go-to thing, sport, favorite and what not! I have been to multiple tournaments(played at the state level 2 times and got selected for BOCA juniors India) and I continue to practice as we speak! I am also very interested in the use of technology and science. I have dabbled in different fields using the same.

Harsh Dalal

Hello, I am Harsh and I passionate about Businesses, Enterprises, and much more! I like to lead people and achieve new milestones. My recent achievement with a group of people has been the Junior MUN which was a sequel to my original idea of MLCMUN back in 2019. I keep learning new concepts and developing new ideas when it comes to business and economics related knowledge.

Harshil Jain

Hello! I am Harshil. I am passionate about frisbee and Coding and maths and Science. I have also leaded Math and taught math to my grade peers. Currently I am researcjing about rockets and trying to make and launch my own rocket prototype.

Heer Desai

I am Heer and I am a passionate leader of my life. I have been passionate about leadership and it has been massively extended to different things that I have been doing; like Environment, Activism, leading teams, and much more! I have been a part of one internship where I could connect with people from around the world and use the knowledge to improve our project for the environment. I think introverts are awesome.

Himanshu Sultania

Hello, I am Himanshu and I prefer to go by the moniker of a Programmer for life. My passion for programming has been driving me and I have been able to extend it to multiple project of mine. I have created a bot for my school and have also taught 3 other people about the use of javascript and created a program with them. I have also taken up freelance projects on the internet and made satisfying projects for my clients. Also, I love to play Minecraft and smashing new records every time I do it!

Kinkinie Dutta

I am someone who has a passion for doodling, tennis and researching on various societal issues. I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account for creative arts. Recently, I was selected as the guest speaker for my science project. I also inspired other students with my projects on Learning Spanish and spreading awareness about mental health. I am passionate and proud about whatever I do and put my whole heart into it.

Nischal Jogani

Bonjour! I am Nischal! Nischal jogani. I am multi talented, smart and intelligent student who is passionate about frisbee, Guitar and sports. I have won bronze medal in state level karate too. You can Subscribe my YouTube channel for Frisbee tutorials and Guitar practice!

Ramit Moradia

If I was free for the entire day, I would go click photos, cycle around and play minecraft. The projects that I’ve taken are somewhat related to my interest areas only, thanks to MLC! I’m learning about editing software and trying to establish myself as a photographer. Doodling is something I took up as a passion and I also got to work keeping various things in mind as it turned out to be a paid project! I am also interested in animation and cooking.

Sameer Bajari

I’m a boy who is interested in songwriting, making music, and writing stories out of many other things. I even wish to do something off-beat in the future preferably along the lines of producing music. I’ve also written a book and am looking for publishers currently. I am quite interested in design and technology and feel that I’ve got a flair for that too. I have my own youtube channel and looking for ways to expand my reach.

Shiv Bergi

I’m just a curious teenager with an explorer’s mind. My interests range from playing football to playing the tabla. I am fascinated by sports and recently started a ‘Sports Blog’. I feel that I am a good organizer. I’ve been a part of the organizing team for junior MUN and have been developing my leadership qualities constantly. I had participated in ‘Spell-Bee’ and from that time I became an ardent fan of it. For the language fest that I had, I got a ‘special mention’ for my performance as an actor and have realized that there’s a fine actor in me as well. I plan on exploring more and even more.

Shees Bandookwala

Hello! I am Shees. I like to play games, cook, eat, sketch and talk, and talk a lot! I am very passionate about fitness and sports and for that, I have won several awards too.

Shloka Masrani

I am just a normal teenager with a lot of ideas. I’m a bit confused as well but over time I’ve realized that I’m interested in both science and arts. I got selected for maths trivia which is held in our school and really felt happy about that. I also held a mandala workshop some time back and wish to hold a paper-making workshop for underprivileged children in the future. I’m fascinated with calligraphy as well and am learning that right now. I wish to showcase my love for this by designing different products. Lastly, I’m making a sanitizer dispenser and am quite excited about how it will finally turn out.

Vedant Naik

I am Vedant. I am passionate about Astronomy, Astrophysics and Gaming, I also have interests in Stock Market, Web designing, Game Design, 3d Modelling and I know coding languages Like Python, Java, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, NodeJS, CSS and Blueprint. I also like to dive deep into the rabbit hole of history, fantasy (mainly High Fantasy) & mythology. I am also a filmmaker and a video Editor who is learning vfx. I ranked 22nd position in All India Astronomy Test.

Yagya Bisani

Hey I am Yagya ! I am very passionate for playing Frisbee, Cycling and other sports. I am also Into music where I also have my own band… On the other hand I am a gamer and I am someone who is not ready to give it up so easily

Grade - 9 MLC

Manan Agrawal

I am the future in the present, I am the bright in the darkness, I am the lie in the truth, I am the honour in the deception, I am the reason in the innocence, I am Manan Agrawal.

Surya Aggarwal

I am an optimistic nihilist with a flair for thinking about random things. I am especially into writing, filmmaking and graphic designing out of many other things. Ideally I would like to do something related to filmmaking in the future because I really think that my true calling lies there.

Uvesh Rajani

Hello, I am Uvesh! I am passionate about coding, maths, & robotics! My area of expertise is Maths and Coding as well. One of my achievements has been making an e-commerce website, an app and uploaded it on the Google Play Store. I am also learning cloud computing with IIT Kanpur and If I have to describe myself, I would say I am a coding enthusiast who likes math as well!

Yaksh Patel

I am a Yaksh.I appreciate professional work. I am passionate about Architecture, Coding, Robotics, and Math. I have created many web applications and also made a trading bot using python.