In this video, Vedant Naik’s mother talks about their 2 year journey in MLC. Vedant has explored his Interests in various avenues Filmmaking, Coding and Digital Designing. He is extremely passionate about anything with the prefix “Astro”, like Astronomy, astrophysics and Astronautics. He ranked 22nd Position for the All India Astronomy Test. Vedant Loves Science and Math as well. He is dedicated towards his passions and aspires to get a Ph.D. in Astronomy/Astrophysics or Astronautics.    

Here we have Aarav Bhansali’s mother talking about their 2 years journey in MLC. Aarav Has explored his interest in primarily Arts and Architecture and has been able to build a strong foundation from Making extraordinary paintings and selling them to doing multiple internships in architecture and learning softwares like Autocad and sketchup.

In this video, Manan Agrawal’s father talks about their journey so far in MLC. Manan entered MLC in grade 8 with a passion for aeronautical management. From there he moved to financial markets and has taken up a lot of projects in finance and economics. Some of his projects includes writing extended essay, conducting financial awareness sessions. attending grade 11 and 12 economics classes. Etc. He is currently writing a research paper on Financial markets after COVID

In this video, Kinkinie Dutta’s mother talks about their 2 years journey as a MLC parent. Kinkinie Dutta has been able to grow in leaps and bounds despite of dyslexia. She does all her projects with a lot of dedication and hardwork. She is a very curious child and has done projects ranging from science behind cheese making to doodling to even conducting experiments for grade 6 students.

Here we have Arnee Parmar’s mother talking about their 2 years journey in MLC. Arnee is passionate about Table tennis and spend around 7 hours a day practicing. She is a Gujarat state TT player and will be playing nationals soon. While practicing for TT Tournaments, she manages to do her projects with complete dedication.

Here we have  Heer Desai’s mother talking about their 2 years journey as a MLC parents. Heer is very passionate about Sustainability and has taken various projects from changing policies to Making Eco plastics. She aspires to be an IAS officer.

Here we have Nischal Jogani’s parents talking about their 2 years journey in MLC. Nischal is interested in a range of things. He does everything with a lot of dedication. He has explored Frisbee, Music, Science behind soap making and soap bombs. He also made an Automatic ambulance which will raise itself in traffic. He is currently doing an internship to understand diamonds business

Here we have Surya Aggarwal’s mother Talking about their 2 years journey in MLC. Surya entered MLC with an interest in coding but soon realized that what he enjoyed was digital designing and has a passion for it. He enjoys filmmaking and creating digital arts .