Maverick Learning Centre

“Every building is like a person. Single and unrepeatable.” – Ayn Rand, ‘The Fountainhead’

…and every learner is like a building growing steadily from a carefully crafted base. The foundation
has always mattered and here at the Maverick Learning Centre [MLC] we try to look at learning from
an unconventional standpoint where children ‘learn how to learn’.
In an increasingly technological age where everything is just a click away, cramming ourselves
with facts is pointless. The Maverick Learning Centre (introduced in 2019) is a Self-Directed
project based learning centre which aims at providing a stimulating, encouraging and safe
environment for children, where they develop 21 st century skills and dare to dream and realise
their passion while becoming experts at what they like.
We plan on making this space a living archive of various activities that students undertake and let
you witness what these young mavericks are capable of achieving. Students engage in all sorts of
activities ranging from cooking to coding to doodling to designing various models and what not! We
believe that learning should be a pleasurable experience and not stay limited within the narrow
walls of a fixed curriculum. Since times immemorial we ‘adults’ have duped ourselves into thinking
that ‘children’ are guinea pigs with whom we can experiment as long as we want. We need to realise
that they are much more than that and all we need to do is facilitate, direct and support them when
they need us. Apart from that, you’ll also have a chance to have a sneak peek into what MLC is all
about and decide for yourselves what kind of a future awaits these budding innovators.